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About Me

My name is Natalie Bester, I am originally from South Africa but have been living abroad for the past 9 years. I have 10 years experience teaching and tutoring throughout South Africa, South Korea, Vietnam and Bahrain. 

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Bahrain - Private Tutor

I have been a private tutor for the past four years in Bahrain. My classes mostly focus on Math and English for students aged 5 - 16 as well as a few adult ESL classes.

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Bahrain - Year 4 Teacher

I taught for 2 years in a British Curriculum School teaching Year 4. This involved teaching Math, Science, English, History/Geography and Art. All lessons and learning outcomes were in line with the British Curriculum.

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Vietnam - Business English Teacher

I worked for two years in two different software companies teaching Business English to their employees. I ran beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and created the curriculum and

assessments myself.

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Vietnam - ESL teacher

I worked for two years in Vietnam at an English Language Academy. Classes mainly took place in the evenings and weekends after students had completed their school day. Classes involved phonics for younger students (4-5years) and then beginner, intermediate and advanced English lessons for students aged 6-16.

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South Africa - Private tutor

I tutored in Science and Math for grade 11 South African curriculum as well as preparation for Matric exams (final year of High School).

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Bahrain - Grade 4 & 5 Teacher

I taught for 2 years in a PYP School within Bahrain which follows the IB curriculum. I spent one year teaching Grade 5 and one year teaching Grade 4. The curriculum is transdisciplinary and therefore does not involve the study of subjects in isolation but allows the student to build concepts and skills across subject areas.

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Bahrain - ESL Teacher

I worked for 1 year at an English Language Centre teaching ESL classes to students aged 4 up to advanced adult classes. These lessons ran in courses of about 7 weeks per course in order for students to work through the levels of English Classes. 

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Vietnam - Private Tutor

I worked as a private tutor mostly with advanced ESL students, helping them to master the skills of the English Language in order to apply for Universities in English speaking countries or work abroad.

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South Korea - Private tutor

For two years I worked as a Private Tutor in the evenings teaching English as a second language to Elementary School children aged 6-10.

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South Korea - English Elementary School Teacher

I worked for two years in South Korea teaching English as a second language in two Elementary Schools. I had to plan and implement my lessons as well as organize fun English Summer and Winter Camps for students to attend in their Summer and Winter holidays.

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  • How much do you charge per lesson?
    Lessons are very different, for Bahrain most prices can be found on my website under 'Bahrain classes'. Lessons within Bahrain done in person are based on your location from me. They start at 20BD/hour if you are in/around Amwaj and increase from there. Online lessons are a flat 15BD/hour. International lessons conducted online depend on the subject, duration and specifics of the lesson. Please contact me for more detailed information.
  • Are your classes in person or online?
    Within Bahrain they are mostly conducted face to face at the clients home but can be conducted online as well. Classes outside of Bahrain are all conducted online.
  • What subjects do you teach?
    Math, Science and English.
  • What age groups do you teach?
    I have experience teaching from kindergarten up to adults. I enjoy the diversity of different age groups in my lessons. I will tailor your lessons to exactly what you or your child need.
  • Are you the only teacher?
    I teach the majority of the classes myself but if I am fully booked I have tutors that I outsource to cover any classes I am not able to. They are all qualified, passionate and driven teachers in their own right. I cover planning and follow up with students and parents.
  • Do you have classes on the weekend?
    I am available on Saturday and Sunday. The company is closed on Friday.
  • What materials do I need for the classes?
    I bring all the materials needed for the lessons. I have many hands on and visual materials for younger learners and provide pencils, markers and noteboooks where needed.
  • Do you expect homework to be completed by your students?
    If I think that you or your child would benefit from homework and extra practice then I would assign homework. Not all students respond to homework in the same way and this is taken into consideration when planning and tailoring lessons.
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