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The Story behind T.Y.L

Teaching and learning in a modern day classroom can be difficult; the pandemic has moved learning onto an online platform, too many students in a class, not enough class time and lack of individual support are but a few factors that make learning so difficult in this day and age. It is for these reasons that I decided to pursue my lifelong dream and open this company so that I could make more of an impact on every student I teach. We are all unique, we all learn differently, I am here to find out what your unique learning style is and how I can help you reach your full potential. 

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'Individualized lessons based on your personal educational needs'. As a teacher I always felt I didn't have enough time to focus on each individual student the way I wanted to. Due to the time constraints and administerial duties that come with teaching in a school, giving 100% focus to students and their lessons is challenging. I am therefore so excited to finally be launching this company, providing the time and focus needed to spend tailoring each student's lessons to their specific needs. I am here for YOU and only YOU. - Natalie Bester


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela. This is a quote that touches my core. I firmly believe we can make the world a better place with education. I dream of starting up branches of T.Y.L abroad and bringing on teachers with a passion for education who can tailor lessons to more students worldwide. In this multicultural and multifaceted world we live in, the more open-minded, empathetic, creative thinking, problem solvers we can foster,

the better the world will be.  

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