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Private one on one classes can be done in the comfort of your home. Classes will be tailored specifically to the students areas of improvement and cover Math, Science and English. Please note however, that I live in Amwaj. Prices will therefore differ depending on where you live in order to cover time and driving expenses.

Amwaj | BD 20/hour 

Zinj/Adliya/Seef | BD 22/hour 

Riffa and further south | BD 25/hour 


Up to three students per small group. Students should be around the same age and ability in order to make the most out of these lessons. 

Amwaj | 12BD/Hour per child

Zinj/Adliya | 15D/Hour per child

Riffa and further south | 20BD/Hour per child

Kids Reading Book in Park


Private one-on-one classes conducted online. 

Online | BD 15/hour 

Laptop Work


If you are homeschooling your children and are unsure of what curriculum/material to follow I can help you create content/games/interactive activities that will suit your child's individual needs. 

Curriculum content | Please contact me for

an individualized quote.


Sometimes all we need is a little more practice. I can create consolidation packages that will help you/your child to practice/review skills already taught. These packages can be completed independently with the option for self-correction or to have them marked with individualized feedback. 

Consolidation packs | Please contact me for

an individualized quote. 

Children learning with teacher


If English is not your first language, helping your child with homework can be tricky. That being said, even first language English speakers have trouble helping with homework at times. As a parent it is hard to understand exactly what the teacher expects. Sometimes methods you were taught at school haven’t carried through to this generation and when you try to help your children they find your methods confusing. I am here to help. I can give you the insight and information you need in order to support your child’s learning. This may be with homework but could also support areas your child is having difficulty with or maybe areas they excel in and you are looking to challenge them to achieve more. These classes are very informal, bring along your parent friends and I can help you in a group. A relaxed atmosphere, some great coffee and a safe space for you to voice your concerns about your child’s learning may be exactly what you need. Parental support in education is immensely important and will help your child succeed and reach their full potential. 

Please contact me for pricing and more information.

Alphabet Cards


Educational support doesn’t only start when your child goes to school. Support can be given at all ages. Many studies show the importance of early childhood intervention and the benefits it can have on children once they start school. I offer classes for young learners from 2-6 years of age. For the very young learners these classes focus on fine motor skills, sensory input and helping children make sense of the world around them. For the slightly older learners I place a bigger focus on fine motor skills in order to get them ready to write independently, an introduction to phonics and numbers and identification of sight words in order to read, write and construct basic sentences. 

Please contact me for pricing and more information.

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